Guest Blogging for Love Ann Joy

Love Ann Joy is a faith based apparel company, blog and foundation.  Our mission is to spread the word of God through our apparel, blog and outreach activities of the Love Ann Joy foundation.  Our goal is to inspire, encourage, or enlighten everyone who buys or sees our apparel, read our blog or encounter us during our outreach activities.

Thank you for your interest in writing for us as a Guest Blogger.  We have composed a few questions you may have about this opportunity and provided answers.

What are we Looking for in Guest Bloggers?

We are seeking original content that provide value to our readers.  We have provided a few examples of topics we consider of value below.  This list is not inclusive but presented to give you some general ideas.

  1. Work Place Testimony:
    • Have you encountered challenges in your office/job because of your faith/christianity? We If so, we would love for you to share with our readers the circumstances and how you overcame the challenges?
    • Do you have any tips to share with our readers on faith/Christianity in the workplace?
    • Answered prayers
  2. Family
    • First or second hand account of trial/tribulation you and/or your family have endured and overcome.
    • An event that brought your family closer together
    • Answered prayers
  3. Relationships:
    • Unique and original list of secrets to a successful marriage of more than 15 years.
    • Answered prayers about your marriage.
  4. Health:
    • Unpaid product reviews (positive or negative) of your favorite or least favorite health item. If it is your health item, we prefer a review of a product  you have been using for years
    • Healthy original recipes that don’t take long to prepare
  1. Fitness:
    • Unpaid product reviews positive or negative
    • First hand fitness success story
  2. Perspective:
    • Christian perspective on a current topic in the news.

We can not emphasize enough the importance of first-hand, original and valuable content.  Valuable content are first-hand original articles/posts that inspire, encourage, and enlighten the reader.

How will I know I have a post in which you are interested?

We ask that all guest bloggers who are interested writing a post first submit a brief letter/email of interest indicating topic(s) they are interested in submitting as well as possible blog post titles.  Your letter/email should include the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Your contact information
  3. Topic or List of Topics
  4. Brief summary of the main points of the post
  5. Possible titles for the post

Please submit your letter/email to  We do not require a completed blog post just the subject matter and brief summary of what you would like to cover in the blog post. We will respond to guest bloggers letters/emails of interest within 3 days of receipt.

How do I submit my Blog Post?

Our response to your letter of interest will either be:  1) not at this time or 2) we are interested in having you guest blog for us.  If we are interested we will include an agreement form and discuss the deadline(s) for submission, blog post guidelines and other matters.  Please allow up to 10 days to receive a response. 

What are your Blog Post Guidelines?

  1. Original writing. We are interested in original, first-hand accounts of experiences, advice or insights in which we can pass along to our readers.  Love Ann Joy will perform plagiarism checks on all blog post submissions.
  2. 750 -1500 word count.
  3. Reposting is not allowed. We do not accept Post Blogs that are a repost from another site.
  4. Images (Illustrations/Photography/Graphics). All blog posts that are instructional (this includes product reviews) in nature must include images to aid the reader or attest to the conclusion of your product review.  You must have the appropriate rights to use any images submitted to Love Ann Joy.
  5. Limit your links. Please only include links that are relevant to the topic.  We reserve the right to remove any links we deemed necessary.

Anything else I should know?

  • We pay $30 – $50 (depending upon length of blog) for exclusive first-time publication rights per Blog Post.
  • We will notify you the date your Blog Post will be published and expect for you to read and respond to readers’ comments the first 7 days of publication.
  • You may promote your Blog post on social media.
  • Do I get final say over how the article looks? All submissions may be edited.
  • Can changes be made after the article is published? Sure, if there are minor edits, just let us know.
  • We do not guarantee publication but we pay for all Blog Posts once approved and all checks performed.
  • Please include a brief bio (up to 4 sentences).