Share Your Testimony

Share Your Testimony

Love Ann Joy is a Christian site that provide our readers with a breadth of topics as we share our experience gained through trials, triumphs and defeats or provide insight or revelation into life matters.  Our goal is to inspire, encourage, or enlighten everyone who visit our site and read our posts.

Thank you for your interest in sharing your testimony with the Love Ann Joy Community.  We need lots of people like you to provide written confirmation of God’s presence in their lives rather it be subtle or grand.  We do not require writing experience to share your testimony/story.  We appreciate and value honesty and transparency.

Sharing your story/testimony is simple.

Email your testimony to

You don’t have to use fancy words…just speak in the manner in which the Holy Spirit moves you.   And, while we are all inspired by God’s grand moves (miracles), it is the subtle moves (i.e. new job, health, loving heart, learning how to forgive, etc) that we most tend to miss and under-appreciate.  So share your subtle and/or grand testimony.

If you have any questions, please send them to


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